Board Members

Vermilion County Board Representatives

  • Wes Bieritz
  • Darren Duncan
  • Robert Boyd


City of Danville

  • Mayor Ricky Williams
  • Vacant 

Village of Tilton

  • Bob Finley
  • Tiffany Jones

Village of Bismarck

  • Dan Wright

Village of Catlin

  • Leslie Almy

Village of Fairmount

  • Daniel Albers

Village of Fithian

  • Dave Lowe

City of Georgetown

  • Jack Morrison

City of Hoopeston

  • Bill Nichols

Village of Oakwood

  • Bob Parr

Village of Potomac

  • Marguerite Bailey

Village of Rankin

  • Joey Mason

Village of Ridge Farm

  • Shawn Schendel

Village of Rossville

  • Mayor Richard P. Queen

Village of Sidell

  • Mayor Terry Bates

Village of Westville

  • Mary Ann Hughes


Champaign County Board Representatives:

  • Darlene Kloeppel
  • John Hall
  • Aaron Esry


Village of Rantoul

  • Ken Turner
  • Chris Milliken


Village of St Joseph

  • Mayor Tami Fruhling-Voges

City of Decatur (Macon County)

  • Jon Kindseth
  • Greg Crowe
  • Larry Baughn
  • Jeff Fauver
  • Andrew Greenlee
  • Tim Dudley

Board Information

The Central Illinois Land Bank Authority’s Board is comprised of two categories – Local government Directors and Expert Directors. Under the Land Bank Articles of Incorporation, Directors serve three-year terms and seats are apportioned as follows:

  • Each county Member appoints three representatives.
  • Each Home Rule Member appoints two representatives.
  • Non-Home Rule Member appoints one representative.

The Local/County Government Directors can appoint up to five “Expert Directors”. These directors bring experience in real estate development, community development, economic development, finance, urban planning, affordable housing, or other related areas. Expert Directors serve two-year terms and can be reappointed indefinitely.

The Land Bank is currently comprised of two member counties, four home rule government members, and fourteen non-home rule local government member. If you are interested in working with the land bank in a member community, please email the Executive Director, Mike Davis, at

Board Meetings