Homeowner Occupied Rehab Program

The Central Illinois Land Bank Authority’s Homeowner Occupied Rehab program provides 0% interest forgivable loans to eligible homeowners in rural areas of Champaign County (any community outside Champaign, Urbana, or Rantoul) to help repair deteriorating homes. Eligible repairs will focus on exterior projects including porches, roofs, chimneys, leaders & gutters, siding, steps, and ramps.

For additional clarifying information, see our flyers for the following member communities:

Champaign County

Rural Communities

Eligibility Requirements


Program Timeline

What is a 0% interest forgivable loan?

It is a 0% loan that will be forgiven after 5 years. A lien will be placed on your property for the amount of the 0% loan and the loan is forgiven over the 5-year period until completely forgiven in year 5. If the property is sold before the 5-year term ends, the unforgiven balance will be due out of the net proceeds from the property sale.

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