RFQ for Construction Services

Notice is hereby given the Central Illinois Land Bank Authority (CILBA) has published a Request for Qualifications for qualified Contractors interested to perform various real property construction services for CILBA. The purpose of the RFQ is help CILBA assemble a list of pre-qualified contractors to whom bids for specific projects will be shared. Bids for services will only be shared to firms that have been pre-screened and added to the list of qualified firms under this RFQ.

For each individual projects for which a bid is issued, CILBA will include a detailed listing of the specifications of work to be performed. The total cost of any single project is not expected to exceed $49,999.00. Contractors in the pool will be invited to submit bids to deliver services and CILBA will award the contract to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.

The RFQ describes the process by which responses will be evaluated and other terms and conditions of the RFQ. This RFQ and all subsequent bids will be subject to the CILBA Procurement Policy. The RFQ and CILBA Procurement Policies are posted to the CILBA website (www.cilba.org).

The deadline to submit for the initial RFQ is November 3, 2020. All submissions must be received via electronic mail to mdavis@cilba.org. The RFQ will remain open and responses will be evaluated on a quarterly basis following the initial deadline.

CILBA welcomes responses from W/MBE firms and firms that have a demonstrated history of hiring veterans.

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